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Ashes & Dust

The beginning of Lent in the Catholic Church is always a fascinating seasonal shift; yesterday marked the height of the Mardi Gras season (mainly in New Orleans, but also around the US), and today the same people who were living it up yesterday might be heading to church today to hear a harsh message: "Dust you are, and to dust you shall return."

Ironically, it is also often the most well-attended service of the year, even though it is not an obligation day; it is also ironic because most of the time American culture seems to focus on avoiding our mortality, and even banishing the very idea, but on this day many will turn to embrace the truth that life is too short, and no one lives forever.

This blog entry is less about estate planning, and more about a call to follow this theme, and ask the eternal questions: What legacy do I want to leave behind? Have I prepared my life to account for my eventual passing? Have I considered my final days and what they might look like, and who will be there for me? Have I thought about my family, and who will be there to care for them if I am gone?These are the tough questions that an attorney can ask his clients, but the answers are often personal, individualized, creative, and many times uncertain.

This is why it is worth it to think about these things, ponder them, and consider what variables remain unknown, before sitting down with an estate planning attorney to create a customized estate plan.

Some questions only you can answer for yourself, but for the others, we can help walk you through them.